7 #TrueFacts About Leadership

TrueFacts-Header It occurred to me recently that much of what I know about leadership I know axiomatically. There are some pithy truths that, while completely unoriginal to me, mark a how I lead. Here we go:

  1. Leaders Rise. This basically means that leaders will, more often than not, show themselves as leaders and get out in front of the pack.
  2. Shared Leadership Starts Nothing. I'm a big believer in shared leadership of a thing. But shared leadership can almost never start at thing. Or, as Bill Hybels like to put it, "Everything good starts with a team and a leader."
  3. Anger Confuses Leadership Decisions. Making important leadership decisions when you're angry is unwise, and you almost never make the right decision. Reaction is not a good starting point for decision.
  4. Say Nothing Important in Emails or Texts. A huge mistake I've made as a leader has been to correct someone through an email. Tone is hard to communicate for the best of writers. Probably best just to send an email that says, "Let's have coffee."
  5. Remember How Unqualified You Were. There's a tendency I see in myself: In handing off leadership, I feel like they must be more qualified than I was when I started. Never mind that God called me when I knew nothing. Leaders risk their reputation on newbies they believe in. If they don't they're not leaders.
  6. Leaders Follow Well. No one deserves followers who has never followed another well. Leaders who can't follow well are proud, and their demise is assured.
  7. Great Leadership Makes the World Better. Jesus was the greatest of all leaders — all powerful, completely humble, totally secure, self-sacrificial. Leaders who lead their homes, companies, teams, and churches like this will make the world better.