Why I (blank)

Why is a powerful and obnoxious word. Powerful, because it forces us to see behind results and façades, to their origin and meaning. Obnoxious, because sometime ignorance is bliss.

I've been asking why more lately. Why do I write? Why do I preach? Why do I tweet? Why do I get angry? Why am I sometimes afraid? Without boring you with lots of navel-gazing, here's what I'm discovering:

  1. Asking why is like hitting the reset button. If I start out preaching because I love God, but somewhere along the line I'm doing it because I love compliments, the rush of the moment, or whatever, why lets me see that, and reset.
  2. Asking why makes me see sideways energy. "I want to get a Ph.D.," I say to myself. But why? Would that help me achieve the goals God wants from me? Maybe, but maybe not. Why allows me to see the good that might kill the right.
  3. Asking why of my situations reminds me that I'm not in control of much. If something good happens, why makes me see it was, in the final sense, because everything good comes from God. If something bad happens, why reminds me that, in the final sense, it's all for my good.

So here's my encouragement: let why interrupt your what. It may annoy you, but it'll definitely help you.