How To Behave Online. Or Not.

These last few months have been a harrowing time to be online. If you're social media savvy, chances are you've gotten sucked into scrolling through political, social, sexual, and moral filth. And, if you've gotten sucked into the any of the aforementioned nonsense, you've probably seen your fellow follower of Jesus step in it a time or two. So, I humbly offer five ways for Christians not to behave online.

Utilize the Comment Section

Sweet Solomon's shorts, please stop with the comments. You know how many people have ever been convicted by the comment section of a blog? Zero. I'll bet you your Study Bible.

Be Selfie Righteous

Keep up the illusion that you're the social justice, whole-grain, fair-trade warrior, completely compliant with the new "morality" by taking all the shots of you and your moral talismans.

Show Up to Every Online Fight You're Invited To

Do you see something that doesn't require your comment? Does a fellow human hold a belief you find objectionable? Then by all means show up with guns-a-blazin'. Nothing helps the world know we're Christians more than when fight in public like pagans.

Get Your News From One or Two Sources That Already Agree With You

You wouldn't want to be triggered by another point of view. So, make sure you only read The Atlantic. Or Drudge. Or whatever. Because that's what Jesus would do.

Read Social Media Feeds More Than Scripture

By all means, make sure you're more up-to-date with the latest memes than the timeless, eternal Word of God.

In all seriousness, I love you fellow believers. But, I think we can do a little better :-) If you're upset by this blog, though, please feel free to leave comments. That will almost certainly help.