Four People Who Encouraged Me Yesterday

I found encouragement in four very unlikely places yesterday.

Donald Trump

On my way into work I listened to Trump's victory speech. It was humble, and I was frankly stunned. He said nice things about Mrs. Clinton. NICE THINGS. His words were a welcome contrast to the divisive and ugly things he's said in the past.

Hillary Clinton

Tuning into Secretary Clinton's concession speech, I was also stunned. She was gracious, humble, and even went the extra mile by urging her supporters to give Mr. Trump the chance to lead well. I was truly grateful for her largess and dignified words.

Barack Obama

President Obama fought fiercely against Trump and his policies. But yesterday he encouraged me greatly by his willingness to work hard for a peaceful, graceful transition of power. I'm glad to have a president who sees the country as more important than himself.

Paul Ryan

Speaker Ryan — another man who really did not want Trump to be president — laid aside his personal preferences and pleaded with us to unify, praising his political opponents (Obama and Clinton) for leading the way toward national unity.

Let's follow our leaders' encouragements — liberal and conservative, black and white, political opponents and allies — and work together for the glory of God and the good of all.