5 Must-Haves of a Spiritual Family

I love my spiritual family. For me, that phrase has tons of meaning. It goes beyond the church I attend or the denomination I'm in. Spiritual family speaks to the deep relationships that are forged in a family of men and women called to walk out their faith in Jesus together. It's spiritual and family. Here are five must-haves I've observed in my decade walking with the leaders of Every Nation. Unity We must be clear and unified in at least three ways: theology, relationships, and practicals. As God gives us great unity in those areas, almost anything becomes possible. Without unity, almost everything becomes impossible.

Vision Where are we going? If we're all going in different directions, then there's not much "we" to speak of.

Strategy How are we going to accomplish the mission God has called us to. If we don't have a good strategy then the family business won't get done.

Diversity Unity is not uniformity. Diversity of gifts, backgrounds, and perspectives make real unity beautiful.

Grace For any movement to stay together, God must be supplying abundant grace.

What do you think? Did I miss something?