3 Reasons to Invite Someone to Church this Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year, that much is true. Christmas music, Christmas trees, Christmas cookies (That last one I'm particularly fond of...) But it's not just a great season live, but for inviting others to find abundant life in Jesus. Why? Here are three reasons...

It's Culturally Acceptable

In our culture, you get exactly zero bonus points for being a Christian. A generation ago, you may have, but not today. BUT, there are two times a year when all that culture-wide mistrust of Christianity is laid aside: Christmas and Easter. Since it's one of the few times a year that you'll get fewer odd looks, take advantage of that and extend a warm invitation to our Christmas Celebration.

The Holidays are Good, and Bad

While the movies and greeting cards show us the fun Christmas cheer of family, food, and friends, for many the reality is much darker. Some of your closest friends and relatives have sad, painful associations with this time of year. Jesus knows what it's like to have those closest to you hurt you. Inviting your friend to church may be the way they meet Jesus, and receive all his abundant love and grace. Time to make a new association with the holidays, like the time you found grace and eternal life.

Jesus Was Born to Die for Us

Jesus wasn't born to just bring peace and goodwill toward men. That idea springs from sub-par translations of Luke 2:14. (You can check out a comparison here). We get true peace when we get God's grace and favor. We only get God's grace and favor when we turn away from the pretty and the petty and turn toward the Perfect: Jesus Christ, the living, dying, and rising Son of God. Your friends don't need Christmas cheer, ugly sweaters, and nicely wrapped gifts. Your friends, and you, need grace — the grace of Jesus. That's a really good reason to invite someone to church.

So next time you're at the water cooler, the bar, or the hallway, remember that awaiting you are people who need Jesus. This is a great moment to invite them to meet him.