Finding Time for Jesus

We are busy people. "Can you meet me tomorrow for coffee?"

"Oh, I'd love to, but I'm busy. How about the following day?"

"Nah, that won't work, I'm busy that day."

I can't tell you how many times I've had this conversation. I've got a hard time meeting with people — even people I really like. If you're at all like me, then this same busy-ness can hinder the most important appointment we have — our daily meeting with Jesus. Here are some thoughts on our most important appointment.

Jesus is never too busy. Unlike you and I, Jesus is never too busy for us. He is always waiting for us, never late or held up by another more important request. He's available.

Jesus is worth the effort. If you're honest, many of your meetings are just a pain. We don't want to do them, but we must. Life with Jesus is never like that. He's always worth the effort of rising early, meditating on his word, praying, and waiting.

Jesus gives you something to walk away with. There are those appointments that make you soul-tired. The friend who drones on and on about her problem. The boss who won't cut you a break. Meeting with Jesus is never like that. He always gives you more in your soul than you showed up with.

Andrew Murray knew something about meeting with Jesus. The great man of prayer knew that conversing and creating time for encounters with Christ. I'll close with his prayer for people like you and me,

Let Thy wonderful revelation of a Father's tenderness free all young Christians from every thought of secret prayer as a duty or a burden, and lead them to regard it as the highest privilege of their life, a joy and a blessing. Bring back all who are discouraged, because they cannot find aught to bring Thee in prayer. O give them to understand that they have only to come with their emptiness to Him who has all to give, and delights to do it. (Murray, Andrew. Lord, Teach Us To Pray (p. 14).