Why I Love the Gospel Project

Recently, I had the privilege of spending some time with Ed Stetzer, Matt Capps, and Trevin Wax in Nashville, TN to talk about The Gospel Project.

First, I want to say how grateful I was to get to discuss this awesome curriculum with these men. The team at LifeWay has done an amazing job with this. The curriculum is so expansive that it's mind-blowing. We initially adopted TGP for Aletheia Kids. But now we're looking at ways to work this curriculum into our groups and discipleship process.

Here are five reasons I love The Gospel Project

Our Kids Love It Look, if your kids don't like kids' church, that's just not a win. The curriculum is so fun, in fact, that at home my kids are begging me to do the lessons. BEGGING ME. That's just plain awesome.

Jesus is the Hero Our kids are learning how to read the bible in its grand, redemptive-historical themes. Now this isn't the only way to read the Scriptures, but it's a hugely important one. I didn't learn to do this until I was about 22 and already in ministry.

It's Church Plant Friendly We are a church plant. We meet in a YMCA. We need a curriculum that is awesome AND doesn't require a Ph.D., $250,000, or a miniature sized Disney film set to pull off. TGP hits the mark between quality and execution for us.

Our Kids Team Loves It Our awesome Kids Director absolutely loves this curriculum, as do the teachers. Translation: they have fun teaching our kids! When anything is taught with enthusiasm it's automatically better.

It's a Great Discipleship Tool For us, Kids Church isn't about giving the kiddos a fun experience and lots of snacks while the grown ups do the important stuff. We're trying to disciple our kids, and this curriculum helps us do just that.

Here's a brief interview I did about TGP. If you're looking for a great resource for your church, you should definitely explore this one.