Dad, Put your Phone Down

Hey, dad. Yeah you, the guy with the kids. I know its the holidays, and it's that weird week between Christmas and New Years, but while you're spending some extra time around the house, put the phone down.

"But, work..." Yes, I know. "I was only checking the..." Uh huh. I know it's tempting, but listen, they need their dad. In fact, a dad is a top-ten Christmas gift these days. Just put work, distractions, the game, the phone, the whatever, down.

That's it. Put it down. The iPad too. Now walk away.

And, walk toward your kids. Play with them. Wrestle with them. Make up stories. Be silly. Tell your girls that you love them and your boys how they'll grow to be mighty men of God one day. Read them your favorite bible story, play a board game.

Work's just around the corner, padre. It always is. Then, when you get back to the office and you're on the phone again, tweet about all the fun you had with your kids.