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Adam teaches regularly at home and abroad. The best place to catch most of his teaching is through the Aletheia Church Podcast

Here are some of his more popular series.



Life and Doctrine is about bridging the gap between the lives we lead and the God we need. Perhaps you're checking out Christianity -- this book is designed to help you take a clear look at the Christian story, and invite you to believe it. Maybe you've followed Christ for a long time -- then this book will help you narrow the gap that exists between what you believe with your head and do with you life. Come discover how the truth and grace of the Christian story. Come discover Life and Doctrine.

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The art of sabbath

This teaching series, taught by Adam in the summer of 2016, explores the oft-ignored ethics of rest. In most modern societies, rest is considered waste. But God describes rest as critically important. In this series, learn how. 

Also, grab a copy of the book that sprung from this series, The Art of Rest.



Adam speaks at various churches, conferences, and events. Here is an archive of some his better known teachings.