I love to write. Here are some of the books I've written (so far, anyway...)


The art of rest

If you're feeling weary… wishing life were more sustainable… searching for a way to rest without feeling guilty… suspecting that you'd enjoy godly rest if only you knew what it was… look no further.

This warm, realistic, humorous book will show you how rest is different to what you thought it was, and more important than you've realized.

The world never stops. But you can. You need to. And it's wonderful. It's time to learn the art of rest.

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life and doctrine

Life and Doctrine is about bridging the gap between the lives we lead and the God we need. Perhaps you're checking out Christianity -- this book is designed to help you take a clear look at the Christian story, and invite you to believe it. Maybe you've followed Christ for a long time -- then this book will help you narrow the gap that exists between what you believe with your head and do with you life. Come discover how the truth and grace of the Christian story. Come discover Life and Doctrine

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church forward

Far from being a how-to manual for a certain model of planting, this book is designed to infrom your thinking and working to bring a christ-centered, spirit-empowered, socially-responsble church to your unique context. Taking into account the scriptures unique calling, your unique wiring, and the demands of the host culture, this book will serve as a helpful guide as you develop a biblical, contextual, and authentic philosophy of ministry for the new church.


Academic Writing

Here's a bit of my academic work, if you're interested in that sort of thing.


  1. The Missiological Function of the Charismata in the Early Church and Modern Missions
    Few topics generate more debate within evangelicalism than the propriety of the charismata. The purpose of this paper is to examine the biblical and historical function of the charismata in view of proving that the supernatural gifts of God held a critical missiological function in the early church, and that they also do today. The fastest growing religious movement in the modern age is Pentecostal/Charismatic Christianity, going from statistical zero at the dawn of the 20th century to almost 700 million by the end of the century. Such a movement must be assessed, and its methods held up to the light of Scripture (orthodoxy) and the light of history (orthopraxy). This study will proceed by examining this phenomena biblically, historically, critically, and missiologically. The result of the study will demonstrate the the charismata were normative in the early church and critical to its missionary strategy, and therefore the charismata should be employed in similar fashion today. The outcome of this is a final synthesis of the data in proposing a practical way forward for those on the front lines of ministry as movement leaders, church planters, missionaries, and pastors. 
    (This paper was my Master's Thesis at RTS.)
  2. New Testament Prophecy and Biblical Authority
    Cessationists challenge Continuationists’ desire to hear more from God than is in the Bible. If every time we open a Bible, we hear God speak clearly, why do we need additional revelation? Answer: because when God speaks in the Bible, he tells us to pursue prophecy. This highlights an irony in Cessationism that must be robustly addressed: in order to protect the integrity and authority of Scripture, one must deny the integrity and authority of Scripture, since most Cessationists explicitly or implicitly instruct people to disobey clear New Testament imperatives such as “earnestly desire to prophesy, and do not forbid speaking in tongues” (1 Cor. 14:39). This paper deals with this apparent contradiction, illustrating a conceptual framework for understand NT prophecy without letting go of biblical authority.